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Hello. Meet the Shives.

Tyler + Stephanie Shives

We are a husband and wife duo! We've  been married since August 8th, 2009. We are the prior owner of Banzi Balloons + Event Services, here in Indianapolis, IN. We invented the confetti balloon in 2012 and launched the world's first confetti balloon on the NBC The Today Show and ended up working with the largest brands in the world! However, after a few 50+ million inflated balloons,  After leading up Indianapolis' largest event based social media following, Tyler wanted more purpose than posting beautifully edited balloon garlands. Tyler had a new calling in his heart that ultimately led him to pursing more purpose that connected him, his marriage, and relationships closer to god. Tyler's number one goal was to strengthen his marriage, find love in the world, and to feel a bigger purpose.

In November 2020, Tyler decided to pursue his video and editing desires! He purchased his first Sony A7S III (we now own 4), he seeked out the best videographers in the world - people such as Jake Weisler, Parker Walbeck, and Ray Roman. Tyler reached out to them and learned everything he could from the best, brought his learnings back to Indianapolis, and immediately started booking some of Indianapolis' most luxury wedding films. 

Tyler immediately realized how much these weddings filled his heart with everything he was searching for and immediately asked his wife to join him in his pursuit of experiencing love, god, and new found friendships. Stephanie decided to learn everything Tyler had to teach her and today, we are a 13 year married husband-wife duo, capturing the most precious memories and connecting with new families. Our number one goal is to deliver truly heartfelt cinematic films, but more importantly, deliver film work that connects us through love, to others. 

Your booking does so much more for our marriage, than our film work could ever do for you. We are grateful for the opportunity to add you to our extended family and watch your marriage grow through the years. 

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