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T Y L E R  &  S T E P H A N I E                     OWNERS                            

Tyler started digital creation in his early teenage years, being the only student to be certified in Adobe Photoshop in his high school class. He created graphics, forum tags, and banners. Tyler picked up his first filmmaking camera (Panasonic GH4) in 2014 and his love for filmmaking took off while creating digital content for his prior company. Tyler's passions involve fitness, great BBQ, Scuba Diving, and taking quick day trips with his wife and dogs!

Stephanie started her creative design process in her teenage years, primarily chasing fashion and currently holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  Her vision and her authentic pursuit of innovation led to the invention of the world's first confetti balloon launched The Today Show. Stephanie later grew that business, now known as Banzi Balloons + Event Services. 

Stephanie enjoys her time with her 4 puppies (3 Shihpoos, 1 Cavapoo), her nieces/nephews, winery adventures, and spending time with Tyler.

Together, Tyler & Stephanie reached over 12,000 organic followers and led Indianapolis' largest followed events company via Instagram & Facebook. 

However, after a couple tens of millions of balloons later, we both strived for more than a pretty balloon garland on a house. We strived for god, connection, family, and friends. Which ultimately led us to selling Banzi and Tyler fully chasing his desire for videography. 

Our number one goal together currently is to save enough money to adopt a child. We unfortunately do not have the capability to birth a child naturally and are ruthless saving to experience parenthood.

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